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VOZDUKH Education

We have created and apply online and offline formats for use in educational events that allow you to:
Achieve deep immersion and involvement in a specific topic of participants, even in online events
Our method is practical. Through the involvement of all organs of perception of information, we propose to try and do, and not read and remember
Build brand loyalty, create a warm atmosphere
Organize events for a large number of participants without significantly increasing the budget
Adapt and develop an event for different audiences with an individual approach
Art tools
Depending on the goals of training, we choose different tools and formats for achieving results
Our cases
"The educational process is a complex transformation of thinking. For the transformation to take place, it is not enough to use traditional teaching formats: for example, lectures or master classes. In order to make a person think, to make accents, so that some thought "shook him to the depths of his soul", which means "opened his or her head", it is necessary to use non-standard techniques.

Art is one of the best teachers. Art, like nothing else, makes us think, be inspired, want to work miracles.
Therefore, in the program we wanted to involve performances, art installations, work with space. Such details and such activities force a person to plunge ideologically into the atmosphere that is so important for us to create.

VOZDUKH Center has become, from this point of view, an invaluable partner and decoration of the program. Thanks to his staff, the program has been filled with accents and framed by the best frame that can be given to an educational product - elements of painting, music, performances, dance and other types of art that we have not yet used, but will definitely use in the future."
- Daria Lyulkovich, Executive Producer of LNA Skolkovo Programs

Travel to Venice

Content: Participation of a pilot, flight attendant in a virtual plane, live broadcasts from residents of Venice (opera singer, 73-year-old aristocrats), speakers on behalf of the company.
Figures: 90 -120 minutes | 1000 participants in zoom | unlimited viewers on youtube
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