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Business performance format
- are directed events or long-term programs created in live space or online that:
  • immerse employees in meanings and values that are important for the company;
  • establish team ties, create an atmosphere of cooperation, co-creation and action in uncertainty;
  • develop key soft skills: emotional intelligence, creativity, teamwork.
For what?
- Clarification and separation of common values and meanings.
- Development of emotional intelligence.
- Development of true team spirit and loyalty.
- What is the atmosphere in your company?
- Are people really involved, trust each other and create non-trivial solutions? Or do they rather work formally and rent themselves out?
- How can you help them realize their potential and achieve outstanding results together?

Benefits for the company

We have created online and offline formats for building team ties at a distance
Close-knit team
Effective communication By developing and maintaining communication even online, we promote greater trust, reduce friction and conflict, increase the speed of decision-making, and help reduce costs. You have a close-knit, resourceful team at a time of change.
Less stress and burnout
Less stress and burnout By reducing stress and stress in complex work processes, while maintaining performance and energy, we prevent emotional burnout of employees.
Engagement is higher
Emotional balance, emotional uplift, connection with the values and meanings of the company maintains motivation in the workplace, opens up additional resources for work and life.
Developed soft skills
Emotional intelligence, creativity, the ability to quickly adapt to new conditions - soft skills that can be developed through art methods even in the online format.
Our cases
Travel to Venice
Content: Participation of a pilot, flight attendant in a virtual plane, live broadcasts from residents of Venice (opera singer, 73-year-old aristocrats), speakers on behalf of the company.
Figures: 90 -120 minutes | 1000 participants in zoom | unlimited viewers on youtube
An example of an intracomm initiative:
pharmaceutical company for gastroenterologists. During the trip, the guide shows national dishes, after which the speaker connects, who comments on their benefits and harms, moving on to the lecture part, stitching the presentation of the product into the script.
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