customer loyalty | product activation | expansion of the target audience
VOZDUKH Experience
- staged events that allow you to create a vivid, lively experience for people and convey important meanings and values.
Marketing case results
NPS clients up to 86%
An increase in the loyalty indicator (book of complaints and suggestions) by 98% on the day of the event, 67% on the following days)
Increase in turnover up to 14.3%
101 604 participants
Number of participants in completed projects:
from 20 to 101 604 people
9 months
One-time online event - 60 minutes
Hybrid development program - 9 months
Our tools help:
Increase company brand loyalty
We create an emotionally engaging experience for the target audience that allows you to associate the lived positive emotions with the brand.
As a result: increased trust and better understanding of brand values
Expand your target audience
Creative, non-standard event formats attract new audiences and increase brand awareness.
As a result: reaching a new target audience and increasing brand awareness.
Create interactive online and offline events
Bright and unusual formats involve participants in live communication and are memorable. We present information content in an interesting and unobtrusive manner.
The result: high engagement and a memorable experience.
Present a new product (participate in the launch)
We organically integrate a new product into the scenario of an immersive event, which allows us to present the product in an interesting and unobtrusive way, to create an experience of using the product in the process of an interesting event.
As a result: deep perception by the target audience of the values and characteristics of the product, warm associations with it.

Travel to Venice

Content: Participation of a pilot, flight attendant in a virtual plane, live broadcasts from residents of Venice (opera singer, 73-year-old aristocrats), speakers on behalf of the company.
Figures: 90 -120 minutes | 1000 participants in zoom | unlimited viewers on youtube

An example of marketing integration: a pharmaceutical company for gastroenterologists. During the trip, the guide shows national dishes, after which the speaker connects, who comments on their benefits and harms, moving on to the lecture part, stitching the presentation of the product into the script.
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For 6 years of the project's existence, we have made more than 100 events together with friends and partners
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