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Conductor of his team for the company's TOP employees

Employee trainings HR and Internal communications
  • Make a creative completion of a corporate MBA training program for top company employees from different departments.
  • Update participants’ communication with each other so that they maintain stronger connections and help each other in further steps.
  • Help participants gain inspiration and energy for further professional and personal development.

20-30 people. 70 percent men, 30 women.
Average age 35 years.

Initial data:
  • 30 participants, graduates of the MBA program.
  • Participants are ready to experiment, have a varied and very rich experience of various trainings, events and dives.
  • Create a WOW effect using non-standard solutions.
  • Venue: Business School Campus
Solution: conducting workshop.
Opportunity to introduce participants to conductor archetypes. Draw parallels with business, analyze your own management style.

And also introduce participants to the basics of the work of composers and conductors. Draw parallels with creativity in business.

The entire event takes place in an atmosphere of music: handouts in the form of sheet music, music accompanies participants at every stage of the immersion, all tasks are related to musical themes.

During the event, participants become conductors and have the opportunity to control an orchestra consisting of professional musicians. Each of the participants takes on the role of a conductor, and for each of them there is a test of the composer's baton. All eight musicians play in noise-cancelling headphones, so they have no opportunity to hear each other and communicate with each other, all control is completely transferred to the conductors.

This experience allows participants not only to experience an unusual creative immersion in an unusual context, but also to reflect on the topic of management styles and connect it with their management competencies.

All musical tracks created by the participants during the conducting process are recorded and sent to them after completing the program as audio postcards.
Participants enter the hall, where sheets of music lie on chairs.

The facilitator conducts a reflection - follow-up on the completed training, the participants share insights and discoveries from the past training.

Warming up in the rhythm workshop. Participants are gradually immersed in the art of conducting, and through easy exercises built into the game, they become familiar with the basic concepts and tools of the conductor and composer.

The participants manage 8 improvising musicians, 8 instruments:
piano, drums, bass guitar, cello, guitar, percussion, viola, flute.

Participants begin conducting with 2-3 instruments. Gradually the number of instruments increases, the music acquires mood and tempo, variability and strength, and in the end the participants already control the whole orchestra. All music tracks are recorded during the process by a sound engineer, and after the program, each participant receives his own soundtrack, created with the help of a conductor's baton in his hands and his own creativity.

At the end, the musicians give feedback to the participants, reflecting their characteristics, what helped and what was missing for better understanding and effective management.

After immersing themselves in the conducting experience, participants meet with an expert - musician, soloist of leading Russian orchestras. They get acquainted with conducting styles, determine their own management style, and draw parallels with professional activities.

The event ends with musical reflection: the participants share their discoveries and state, and the musicians pick up their words, putting them into music, musically reflecting the mood and state of the speaker.