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Event for partners of YASNO services

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The second request is to create a unique annual event for HR employees - partners of the YASNO company in the field of mental health of company employees.

This year's goals were:
  • provide guests with time and a place where they can hide for a while, spend time carefree, and pay attention to themselves.
  • create a space where you can be surrounded by people close to your experience and be filled with strength and inspiration.
  • to preserve a vivid emotional experience, which will be further associated with the YASNO brand and will continue to build the YASNO brand as a partner in the provision of corporate psychological services.

  • 120 participants, in a ratio of 30/70 current clients/potential clients.
  • Buffet.
  • Participation of regular speakers and YASNO employees.
  • Create several locations with different content that will be related to psychological experience and professional activities of HR.
  • Create a WOOOW effect using non-standard solutions.

The idea of the Apartment House was chosen as the thematic concept - a space for meeting people, an environment for creativity and co-creation; atmosphere of conversation and music.
A space where there is a place for everything that can warm you up, give you the opportunity to react and fill you with strength.

Guests will find themselves in a house where they can visit a neighbor, have a heart-to-heart talk, remember their childhood or find their own secluded place, and at the end become part of a musical concert and a documentary verbatim performance.
During the 1-hour event, participants had the opportunity to get to know the residents of the “apartment” they came to in a creative format, and through the residents of the apartment to meet themselves.

At the symbolic bathroom, the participants, together with the hostess, washed off their difficult recent experiences and hung clean laundry on the clothesline. In the kitchen we were preparing for the winter, reflecting on the past year and creating jars with the year's harvest from various plants and foods.
In the office, participants were able to respond to the complexities of professional experience, reflect on the balance of resources in their professional activities, and disseminate ideas and inspiration for business development by climbing a ladder and scooping up ideas in a bag. Reflect on the possible growth and transformation of your professional path on the way to meeting yourself in the mirror.
In the living room, relax and laugh while watching a video about the life of HR.

This was a time where, through the tools of performance, participants could gain a unique experience of reflection and transformation of state.

On another floor, the participants enjoyed a pleasant buffet and interesting discussions with psychologists from the YASNO company.

In the second part of the event, participants were treated to a musical concert based on the principles of the apartment building, a small percussion workshop, and a performance in the genre of documentary theater, which was created based on the stories of the participants collected in advance.

It was a unique journey that filled the participants with inspiration.