Offline cases

Immersive offline Leadership development workshop

HR and Internal communications Employee trainings
The goal is to activate the leadership potential of the participant and stimulate the development of leadership soft-skills.
Duration: 16 hours of training format and 8 hours of practical work.
Venue: spaces on the territory of the Khokhlovka art quarter

The program included a dynamic movement in thematic blocks of leadership. Each of the blocks was held in a unique format in one of the spaces of the Khokhlovka art quarter.

Work formats:
1) immersive audio journey "Leadership Path"
2) an act of daring on stage
3) discussion meetings with successful entrepreneurs
4) a performance about Leaders who change the world in the "Hyperion" club
5) workshop of creativity
6) exercises for team interaction
7) non-verbal coaching technologies

1. Participants connected with their inner strength as a leader
2. Have mastered the tools for managing yourself in various situations ;
3. Received answers to pressing questions from successful entrepreneurs
4. Realized their strengths and personal development goals
5. Left the comfort zone into the development zone
6. Expanded their creative possibilities
7. Developed networking / quality of relationships with professionals of their level