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Travel to the head office of a pharmaceutical company in Prague for a professional audience

Marketing and PR

Travel to the head office of a pharmaceutical company in Prague for a professional audience.

Problem to be solved:
1. Creation of an emotionally engaging event to increase the loyalty of partners to the company;
2. Non-standard and unobtrusive presentation of a new drug.
Duration: 2 hours

The journey began in zoom interactive boarding, meeting a flight attendant, audio-visual accompaniment. The participants went on a trip to the Czech Republic, where they were awaited by a cultural program with live inclusions from a guide, interactive and quizzes. During the cultural program, an expert was connected with the analysis of the usefulness of food and gave information about the new drug. The journey ended with an aria in Czech performed by an opera singer.

at the first 2 events there were 375 participants + broadcast on YouTube, as a result, a decision was made to scale the project to a large audience (a series of events up to 700 people per event) and a wider geographical coverage.


Interesting, unusual format. It stands out from the mass of online events.

Information is presented easily, unobtrusively and in need, which is very important for doctors in difficult times.

It was atmospheric. The information was presented in a dosed and tasteful manner. Kind with healthy. We hooked the target audience for sure # nbsp;

I liked the new format very much! Everything went in one breath! The opera singing at the end became the icing on the cake. The lecturer is very funny, he presented the medical part in an unusual way! Thanks for the evening!