Online cases

Travel across 3 continents for employees and partners of Louis +

HR and Internal communications
Problem to be solved:
Create a concept and hold an online event to strengthen the corporate spirit, team rally and increase loyalty to the company during a period of quarantine and uncertainty.
Duration: 2 hours

Participants were sent video instructions and a dress code in advance to prepare for the trip. After interactive boarding and video-audio of a series of take-off and landing of the aircraft, the participants were inspired by the architecture and atmosphere of the homeland of tango in Argentina, studied the rules of yacht management, went out with a guide into the open ocean off the coast of Florida, listened to real opera singing in Italy, watched fire dances in Rio de Janeiro and jumped over waves in Brazil.

it turned out to create a vivid virtual immersion in the atmosphere of other countries and a joint memorable experience that increases the trust and loyalty of employees and customers to the company.

Feedback from Olga Popova-Kachelkina, Head of CSR Department, LUIS +
"The guys organized for us an unforgettable trip to 4 countries, despite the zoom format, they managed to immerse us in the atmosphere of Italy, Argentina, Brazil and Florida, it was unforgettable! Many thanks for 1.5 hours of cool emotions and new knowledge! Very cool ! Thank you! And good luck! "